50 shades of grey hair. How to get the perfect silver hair.

Before I knew how to get my desired shade of grey I couldn’t for the life of me find a helpful tutorial or blog. And now I have nailed the process and ready to reveal my greyfully goodness secrets to getting the perfect grey hair.

First and foremost I do want to mention that I am not a professional hairdresser however I have been doing my own hair for many years now. I cannot stress how important it is to be careful when bleaching your hair. Remember to take in consideration any allergies and sensitive or irritable skin.

A list of all the things you will need. These are essential for achieving and maintaining grey hair.

  • Developer, 10 vol and 20 vol – I have long medium thickness hair so I get 350ml bottle of each so adjust accordingly to your hair length and thickness.
  •  Powder bleach – I use a blue powder bleach, it supposedly helps tone as well as bleaching but normal bleach works fine too.
  •  A mixing bowl, dying brush and gloves
  • Hair colour/toner – this is the crucial part! This is what you are relying on to get rid of any brassy colouring after bleaching. I use the Kitoko 10.21 extra light cool ash blonde. If you can get your hands on this bad boy then grab it! If not any other brand will do the trick as long as it in the cool ash blonde range.
  • Blonde/purple shampoo – essential for up-keeping! I use a brand called AG hair cosmetics in sterling silver shampoo.
  • A moisture treatment – I use the sachets of Nak ultimate treatment 60 second repair.

First I pop on my gloves and mix 1/3 bleach powder to 2/3 20 vol developer and apply to my roots section by section. If you are bleaching your entire hair from scratch you will want to apply bleach to the remaining hair about 5-10 minutes later. I leave mine on for 20 minutes with foil wrapped around my head (pretty I know) to hold the heat in for it to develop quicker. Do not exceed 30 mins as you will burn the bejebus out of hair and scalp and possible cause your hair to fall out.

After 20 minutes I rinse the bleach out and give my hair a quick shampoo and towel dry. You can apply your toner on wet OR dry hair, just beware as it can turn purple-ish quickly if applying it to dry hair. I then mix up 1/2 kitoko 10.21 and 1/2 10 vol developer. Usually the packages say to mix it 1/3 colour to 2/3 developer but I find it only lasts a few washes with that ratio. I apply that to the beached areas and any left behind when I’m done I brush through my ends. I leave that on for 20/30 minutes making sure to keep and eye on it. After 20 minutes it should look slightly purple and thats when it is time to wash it out. Again shampooing after and then apply your moisturising treatment of choice to give back your hair some nutrients. Then condition and dry as normal. I pop in some leave in treatment and allow to air dry.

And your done!

Let me know how you go in the comments below and if you try it out hashtag me on instgram using #iwreni or post it on my facebook wall, also iwreni. Happy hair dying!



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